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Banarasi Langra

Banarasi Langra

It is believed that a Shiva temple in Varanasi is where the Banarasi Langra first appeared more than 250 years ago. The water and soil composition of the area give this native mango its distinct flavor. Langra is prized for its exquisite scent, deep, nuanced flavor, skin as thin as a sheath, and generous amount of flesh.

We have partnered with several farms in Varanasi to help you get their best produce. All our mangoes are:

  • 100% naturally ripened
  • Coming from age-old farms with decades of farming experience
  • Delivered fresh to your home
Box Size Approx. Weight Approx. Mangoes 
Full Box 2.8 Kgs 10 - 12 Mangoes in Box
Half Box 1.4 Kgs 5 - 7 Mangoes in Box
Trial Box 450 gms 2 - 3 Mangoes in Box

Note: Your mangoes may be shipped slightly raw depending on travel time to your place. They will come with simple and easy-to-follow ripening instructions.

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